by John Hamlin 22. February 2010 10:12

Green Benefits is excited to launch a new and long anticipated product this week! Our variable print customizable water bottles are the perfect solution for kids, students, sports groups, and adults alike. Gone are the days when it was simply unaffordable to further customize each group’s water bottle with individual names or pictures! Now you don’t have to worry about sending your kids off to school with identical water bottles that are easily swapped and hard to tell apart. With variable print technology, it is affordable to individually customize bottles while simultaneously showing off a group’s logo. These bottles give you the option of a full color, full wrap-around graphic – and up to four variable prints on top of your existing template. In simpler terms, your soccer team may have a template with their team logo and a designated space for each individual member’s name, picture, and team number for instance*!  Parents can rest assured that their kids’ bottles will not be easily lost or accidentally taken!  Great for graduation, class gifts, sports teams, fundraisers, pre-schoolers, and more!

For additional information check out our site here. Questions? Give us a call on 1-877-476-2363 or email at:

*See Below for Example:  In this case, this student’s individual picture and name were the variable graphics within the “Graduating Class of 2010” water bottle template.

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Anvil Organic T-shirts

by John Hamlin 8. February 2010 14:53

Custom Print Apparel on Organic and Sustainable Material

Are you looking for a way to limit your carbon footprint for your company, group, or organization without compromising your need to promote and market your ideas?  Well, why not create your custom-print T’s on organic t-shirts rather than mass produced materials which harm the planet through their production methods. 

We print on certified sustainable and organic materials like Anvil Organic, whose mission is to operate their business with continued commitment to respecting our planet and producing innovative and quality products.  Green Benefits makes sure to work with manufacturers who prioritize reducing their overall carbon footprint so that consumers like you can contribute collectively to making a bigger difference.  It’s all about being a wise consumer and purchasing products that support sustainable practices; and by doing so you can promote your company in a socially conscious light.

We particularly like that Anvil recently partnered with a climate change service provider to conduct a lifecycle assessment of all greenhouse gas emissions generated in the lifespan of their tees – from “cradle” to “grave”.  This data collection included all aspects from energy and water consumption, transportation, and landfill and water waste.  We’re always happy to work with companies who truly live up to their promises, especially when there is so much false green advertising to sift through these days.


Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing – An Eco-friendly Printing Alternative

by John Hamlin 2. February 2010 13:27

Looking for environmentally friendly custom print apparel?

Well, we’re happy to enlighten you (if you haven’t already heard the scoop) that there is a relatively new technology called Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, which allows custom printing directly onto a flat garment without the drawbacks of screen printing and other environmentally harmful processes. Traditional screen printers and the like often use harmful synthetic plastisol-based inks which are full of harsh chemicals detrimental to both our planet and our health. DTG is a digital printing solution process that offers many practical advantages over traditional alternatives, such as a comparatively larger imprint area with lower ink cost – which means cheaper customized shirts or apparel! And best of all these printers are almost 100% eco-friendly because they eliminate harmful inks by substituting environmentally friendly water-based inks instead.  That means you can create your own sports apparel for your team, or custom tees for your office, church, or any other organization without paying high set-up costs for low volume orders.

With DTG you don’t have to order in bulk to get competitive pricing on your custom-print needs, and you also don’t have to sacrifice quality and durability. Essentially, direct to garment printing allows personalized t-shirts to be produced at a cost effective price for once-off events, or for customer’s who don’t require a large quantity of garments. You can do all this while imposing less harm on the environment… and if you want to go that extra mile for true sustainability, try printing onto organic cotton clothing or other sustainable apparel. All you need to do is send in your high resolution Jpeg image to Green Benefits and our printing services will have your t shirt customized on any suitable garment of your choice!