Water – Our Precious Resource

by John Hamlin 25. March 2010 09:29

With our attention turned to water this week, we should not cease shedding light on the grave issue and encouraging dialogue and action. To my delight, over this past week my twitter page has been flowing with facts, articles, and initiatives to bring attention to and raise awareness of the global water crisis.

Annie Leonard’s “Story of Bottled Water” was released on Monday 22nd, and hopefully will serve its’ purpose to awaken us to the startling truth of bottled water. For those less in touch with the subject, the goal is to share some of the cold, hard facts regarding the bottled water industry and their creation of consumer dependency. Not only does this dependency cost us a fortune for an already free and in most cases perfectly safe resource (our tap water), but it has also instills the illusion that bottled water is safer; the resulting trend is depleting our natural resources and adding to plastic landfill waste at an alarmingly unsustainable rate. Imagine that while 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water, the rest of us have been duped into spending billions of dollars on it in bottled form when we can easily (and freely) just turn on the tap! To put it in perspective, bottled water is no cleaner, is harmful to the planet and its inhabitants, and costs up 2,000 times the price of tap water.

In the United States alone, we consume approximately 500,000,000 bottles of water each week.

What can we do?

The truth doesn’t have to be discouraging; we can use these facts to inspire action and turn things around. Already in the last year bottled water sales have fallen slightly, and this number is wholly in the hands of the consumer – demand less bottled water, and there will be less manufactured. Be proud to use your reusable water bottle, filled with clean and safe drinking water from the tap – a resource we should truly feel grateful to have at our fingertips. Particularly in contrast to those 1 billion who have to walk many miles to find the only water available to them, which is often contaminated. Makes turning on the tap not only seem the sensible choice, but the moral one.

One of our goals at Green Benefits is to help spread knowledge of the world water crisis, the damage that bottled water is doing, and to provide safe reusable bottles for you to use as promotions or fundraises so that you can simultaneously raise awareness and funds while giving incentive to TAKE BACK THE TAP!

Check out “The Story of Bottled Water”


Five Favorite Products

by John Hamlin 19. March 2010 07:17

In hopes of providing our readers with some direction we’ve come up with a list and summary of Green Benefits’ five most popular products; each of them eco-friendly in their own right, of course.

Full-Color Variable Print Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This mouthful of a name describes a new, affordable technology for customizing each water bottle individually to mitigate misidentifying your water bottle for another look-alike version. We’ve had tons of input from school teachers and parents alike who are thrilled to have access to an affordable custom print reusable water bottle that can be individually identified. Perhaps we can lift the burden of dropping your child off at school only to know that they are bound to return home missing something – at least now it is unlikely to be their reusable water bottle! We’ve heard many great reviews on this product and are excited to do more fundraising with these individually customized bottles because they’re bound to be a big seller

Tucker Bag

An all-time favorite for fundraisers and organizations alike. If you haven’t seen the unique and fun design options, take a look! Tucker bags really do make the perfect multi-functional bag. Whether you’re like me and enjoy stuffing one of them full with your gym clothes to leave in the car as a gentle reminder to work out, or you’re looking for a spacious and sturdy shopping bag that boasts fashion and functionality, the Tucker bag is your answer. Possibilities are endless; use the Tucker bag to travel, go to the gym, send your kids off to school with clothes, books, or lunches, they even make great gifts! The Tucker bag caters to any carrying need and it trumps others as it is locally made in the US, available in an array of cute designs, rolls up into a small compactable pouch for convenient storage, yet still holds in excess of 35 pounds. Why not raise funds with a hit item that is simultaneously doing good for the planet as it wards off one unnecessary plastic bag at a time? Seems like a win-win to me.

Customized Anvil Organic Recycled T-shirt.

If you’re looking for a way to limit the carbon footprint of your school or organization without compromising your needs to promote and market your ideas or gear up for the new fall semester then we have your answer. Why not fundraise or promote with custom print T-shirts that are organic and do not harm the planet with their production methods? Anvil Organic works hard to ensure sustainability and to offset their carbon with carbon-neutral clothing. We proudly print on these certified sustainable, organic, and carbon neutral materials to bring you promotional and fundraising options that respect our planet while delivering high quality. So, next time you need to custom print some gear, we suggest you consider going organic and promoting your company or school in a socially conscious light.

ReUsies ®  – Less Waste Lunches

To give you some facts, it has been estimated that the average school-age child using disposable lunch products generates 67 pounds of waste per school year. That equates to ~18,760 annual pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. Wow, just think of all the potential we have to eliminate that waste by sending children off to school with a less-wasteful approach to lunch. One of the owners of Green Benefits knows the struggle in finding a truly functional waste-free alternative to those hazardous plastic bags that we throw out in abundance. But when he tried the ReUsie®, he knew he had found a product he was proud to promote. ReUsies® are a re-usable alternative to sandwich/snack bags, and each one has the potential to eliminate hundreds of disposable plastic bags. They are 100% cotton, lined with leak resistant nylon, and are secured with Velcro closures.  Furthermore, they wash very easily and hold a generous amount of food in both snack and lunch sizes. They’re also made in the USA, BPA, lead, and phthalate free, machine wash and dryable and dishwasher safe – all while enabling you to feel good every time you pack a lunch! 

Theo Chocolate

Green Benefits has been a long-standing proud supporter of Theo Chocolate; the only organic and fair trade bean to bar chocolate factory in the country! Theo started here in Seattle, but has quickly become popular all over the US. We are happy to offer you access to our low prices for fundraising with Theo Organic chocolate, so that you can raise funds while feeling good about the items you sell! Learn more about Theo Fundraising and inquire about how Green Benefits can help you fundraise with this fine chocolate that truly is doing good for the planet – after all, Easter is just around the corner!