Reusable Grocery Bags Made in the USA

by Derek VanDyke 30. June 2013 16:40

Everyone is aware of the benefits of using reusable grocery bags! The worldwide consumption of disposable plastic is increasing at an alarming rate and the impact of this habit will impact the overall health of our planet for generations. The next step in the reusable bag movement is to consider high quality bags made in the USA. There are many great options available. Do your part and join the reusable bag movement today, but consider bags made in the USA.

The team at Green Benefits offers a great selection of reusable bags and we offer many options manufactured in the USA. Reusable bags produced domestically make a great promotional give-away and show your commitment to sustainability.

Check out four of our most popular bags made in the USA!


  Made in the USA 100% Organic Milieu Tote (812)

Constructed in America using 9.2 oz certified organic cotton canvas and includes 18" durable self material handles. This organic bag includes a large 12" x 10" imprint with the option of including a full bleed imprint. You will love the quality of this organic tote bag.

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  Made in the USA Bio Jute Tote (870)

Bio Jute is an all natural material produced in the USA. This durable product will biodegrade in 48 days and has been used for centuries for its durable finish. The Bio Jute Tote comes in 7 great colors and includes a large 12" x 8" custom imprint area.

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  Made in the USA Recycled PET Vibrant Tote (1166)

You will love this full color recycled tote. The Vibrant Tote is manufactured in the USA from 51% recycled polyester. This material is soft and durable and will hold your full color image for years. This tote includes long 21" handles and allows you to imprint from the entire surface of the bag.

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  Made the USA Billboard Utility Tote (E1302)

This is truly an amazing tote. Constructed from 100% recycled banners and billboards and 100% recycled PETE webbing. You will not find a more sustainable tote in the marketplace.  Even better, we allow you to send in your used billboard material to upcycle the content for a fully custom tote that you will be proud to give-away.

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Learn more about our great selection of reusable bags. At Green Benefits we take great pride in offering the most innovative products and affordable prices. Contact us today for a free quote or request a sample.  Working together we can make a difference!

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Nalgene OTG - On the Go Water Bottle

by Derek VanDyke 11. June 2013 23:19


The Nalgene OTG is a great bottle for those on the go! Made from BPA Free plastic and manufactured in the USA. Nalgene is one of the most trusted brands in personal hydration and now your group can cutotmize the Nalgene OTG bottle with your logo and message. Perfect for the gym, office or the commute. Convenient size fits in most cup holders, bike racks and exercise machines. Best of all this bottle includes an easy to use flip top lid that is 100% leak proof and easy to use with one hand.

"I have had this bottle for nearly three years and its still going strong. I highly recommend this bottle to anyone looking for a durable and easy to use bottle. It has survived countless road trips and outdoor adventures." John - Seattle, Washington

Features of the Nalgene OTG

  • Holds 24 ounces
  • Weighs 121 grams
  • Allows for easy one handed operation
  • Open and closes with easy flip top lid
  • Made from Eastman Tritan BPA plastic
  • This bottle has a recycling code #7, which means it does not contain BPA


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Organic Food vs. GMO's

by Derek VanDyke 11. June 2013 00:22

Eating organically has been an increasing trend over the past decade, but often, consumers don’t know what constitutes organic food, and what does not. They may not also know the advantages and disadvantages to eating organic as opposed to eating conventional foods, such as the increased risk of foodborne bacteria or the conservation of soil. The differences between organic foods and more conventional foods can often seem subtle, but there are several different criteria that go into the term “organic”, and must be in place for a food to be labeled as “100% organic” or even just “organic”. Unlike the term “natural” which holds no regulatory weight, organic farmers must follow a strict set of guidelines in order to be considered organic. Although more cheaply produced, conventional foods can carry ecological risks, such as superbugs that have become resistant to traditional insecticides.



Green Food

TreeSmart Recycled Pencils - A Better Pencil

by Derek VanDyke 5. June 2013 12:43

We are always on the look out for great new products and companies to work with and recently discovered TreeSmart Pencils. TreeSmart is an innovative company that manufacturers pencils in Oregon from recycled newspapers. The process is simple. They take local newspapers and convert them into sustainable writing tools. Better yet you can customize the pencils to include your school or company name to create a truly unique marketing or promotional give-a-way.