Organic Food vs. GMO's

by Derek VanDyke 11. June 2013 00:22

Eating organically has been an increasing trend over the past decade, but often, consumers don’t know what constitutes organic food, and what does not. They may not also know the advantages and disadvantages to eating organic as opposed to eating conventional foods, such as the increased risk of foodborne bacteria or the conservation of soil. The differences between organic foods and more conventional foods can often seem subtle, but there are several different criteria that go into the term “organic”, and must be in place for a food to be labeled as “100% organic” or even just “organic”. Unlike the term “natural” which holds no regulatory weight, organic farmers must follow a strict set of guidelines in order to be considered organic. Although more cheaply produced, conventional foods can carry ecological risks, such as superbugs that have become resistant to traditional insecticides.



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TreeSmart Recycled Pencils - A Better Pencil

by Derek VanDyke 5. June 2013 12:43

We are always on the look out for great new products and companies to work with and recently discovered TreeSmart Pencils. TreeSmart is an innovative company that manufacturers pencils in Oregon from recycled newspapers. The process is simple. They take local newspapers and convert them into sustainable writing tools. Better yet you can customize the pencils to include your school or company name to create a truly unique marketing or promotional give-a-way.


Point Defiance Zoo Earth Party

by Derek VanDyke 22. April 2013 11:21




Green Benefits teamed up with volunteers from Youth 4 Planet at Tacoma's Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium for thier annual Earth Party. The students volunteers from Youth 4 Planet shared the importance of rethinking our societal use of disposable plastic. Many families that stopped by the booth were shocked by the amount of disposabld plastic consumed and disposed of daily. 

The student volunteers were a lot of fun to work with! Our future is bright and it is clear that our youth care deeply about the health of our planet.


Ego vs Eco - Different Ways to View the World

by Derek VanDyke 10. April 2013 01:06

Humans have worked hard to be on top of the food chain. It is time to co-exist with nature. Take this graphic to heart and think about how our actions impact the local and global ecosystem. 


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Choosing the Best School Apparel Program

by Derek VanDyke 9. April 2013 11:24


School groups have the unique opportunity to educate their student body every year through their school apparel program. In many cases school apparel and spirit wear is a common bond that unifies the student body. Take advantage of this platform to teach about fair trade, sustainability and social justice. 

We here from our schools that they cannot afford sustainable options. It is true that some organic and recycled clothing options do cost more, but there is a wide range of sustainable apparel choices to choose from in all price ranges. Options exist to shift your current apparel budget into more sustainable choices. 

Let our team help you design a sustainable apparel program that will make a positive difference in your school community!


Green Benefits Announcement

by Derek VanDyke 8. April 2013 17:10

Green Benefits Opens the School Apparel Store

We are excited to launch of our new site, the School Apparel Store. Since 2007 we have worked with school across the country and we are taking this one step further. School apparel is a common thread shared by most schools. The time is now to shift school apparel and make it more sustainable.

The school apparel store features a wide range of sustainable school apparel as well as supports environmental and educational causes with each purchase. Please feel free to share our new store with your friends and coworkers. Together we can make a difference.


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B.Y.O. Chopsticks

by Derek VanDyke 5. April 2013 10:52

The other day I came across an article in EarthShare about the growing B.Y.O. Sticks movement in Asia. At first I did not think much of this article until you begin to realize the impact of disposable chopsticks. The Chinease government estimates that China cuts down nearly 25 million trees per year to support the disposable chopstick habit. This number seems far fetched like many green facts until you hear that China consumes on average 45 billion chopsticks per year. Most of these chopsticks end up in landfills.

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