Grocery Store Wars

by John Hamlin 20. August 2009 12:26

Not so long ago in a supermarket not so far away…help fight the dark side of the farm.

Store Wars is a hilarious five minute mini-movie about a small band of organic vegetable puppets -- Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli and wise old Obi Wan Cannoli -- battling against Darth Tader, evil lord of the Dark Side of The Farm. Can these Organic Rebels rescue Princess Lettuce and destroy the Death Melon in time? Or will Cuke be seduced by the Dark Side of the Farm ... an empire of pollution and pesticides that has taken over the market with its arsenal of genetic engineering, irradiation and toxic chemicals?



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American Food – It’s all Corporate

by John Hamlin 2. April 2009 19:18

I am getting excited that spring is coming, and hopefully soon despite the weather.  For me with spring, Thursday farmers market will start-up and a spring summer weekly shopping routine will begin.  I feel most fortunate to have many local markets to frequent.  This has not always been the case and based on the current issue of Yes Magazine, it seems that the majority of the food produced in the USA is produced by large corporations.  In fact it states that 2% of farms produce 50% of all agricultural products in the USA.

I recommend everyone pick-up this months, Yes Magazine to learn about the state of our food supply chain and support your local farmers market.

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Green Building a bright spot!

by John Hamlin 20. November 2008 06:00

The Boston Business Journal reported today on a study by McGraw-Hill Construction that found the value of Green Construction starts was up five-fold from 2005 to 2008.  The most positive aspect of the report was the forecast that Green Building practices are expected to triple by 2013.  The full report is available for sale at McGraw Hill Construction web site for sale. 

I have not paid the $150 to purchase the report, however I do find the trends and outlook for conservation and Green Building to be positive.  My bet is that consumers are recognizing the direct savings in building well and in an environmentally friendly fashion.  We at Green Benefits are here to encourage the awareness and growth in all aspects of living in a sustainable manner.  If you know of other reports that we should be referencing, both positive and negative, please post your comment below with a link to the information.

by:  John Hamlin

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Eco-Raiser Update

by John Hamlin 19. August 2008 15:55
Your school is invited join. So far over 30 schools have agreed to participate and send a positive message home. Get your school involved quickly as we only have room for 70. The first 30 slots were filled in one week! We are looking forward to working with you go shift the thinking of the value and impact of eco-raising. Join the fight against plastic waste. Send a positive message home all while raising funds for your school projects! A true win . . . win . . . win!

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Regional Eco-Raiser

by John Hamlin 6. August 2008 06:05
Join today in the effort to eliminate shopping bags from our landfills and raise money for local area schools.

This regional effort combine the efforts of local schools to make a large impact on their community. The goal will be to sell over 250,000 reusable bags which will generate over $600,000 for schools.

In order to make this happen, local business and community organizations will partner with the schools. This will truly be a community based Eco-Raiser...raising funds and awareness.

The sales process will be web based allowing the community to purchase bags through each participatings schools shopping cart. This will make the sales effort simple without the typical paperwork making this a truly green fundraiser.

For more information email: info@greenbenefits or call 206-388-3173.

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Green Benefits

by John Hamlin 24. June 2008 00:05

Welcome to our new Blog and Website.  Please check back often as we will continue to add content and valuable resources to our portal.

Also, be sure to check out our friends at the Interra Project, KedziEco, Fair Trade Sports and Yes Magazine.

We wish you the best in your endeavor to live a happier and healthier life.

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