One World One Ocean

by Derek VanDyke 9. October 2012 10:32

Check out this great infographic from One World One Ocean.  Please share this graphic and consider doing your part in helping preserve our oceans for future generations.  Consider using a high quality resuable water bottle or reusable shopping tote.  Together we can make a difference.

One World One Ocean is a great organization with the goal of inspiring people to protect our world oceans.  The ocean is our life support system.  They generate most of the oxygen we breath, regulates our climate and provides us with the food we eat.  Our oceans are in danger and need our help.  

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Fundraising Ideas For A New Year!

by Tylor J. 21. December 2011 11:46


Every holiday season we take a moment to reflect on the journey of the last twelve months and look forward to the ones that lie ahead. Chances are there are a great many people considering healthier ways to live and contribute to their communities. It’s also the perfect time of year for businesses and individuals to look at their own goals and missions for the coming year and how to achieve them. There are many wonderful fundraising ideas available to organizations and Green Benefits offers green fundraising ideas to meet any objective, including:

§  Spice Fundraising with Community Spice Company

§  Stainless Steel Water Bottle Fundraising

§  Reusable Bags Fundraising

§  Personalized Apparel Fundraising

These are just a few custom fundraising ideas to kick off a New Year of fundraising events.  Green Benefits also provides tailored fundraising ideas to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations. In fact, we thoroughly enjoy fundraising ideas that generate awareness for a particular environmental or social cause. That said, let’s explore some various green fundraising ideas for the coming year.

With a focus on educational systems and local school districts, Green Benefits hopes to attract a younger generation to the environmentally and culturally-aware ranks thus promoting sustainable values of economy, environment, and equity within their communities. Schools are wonderful ways to reach entire communities because both are often intertwined. Kids learn exciting information during the school day and bring that knowledge home with them. Many green fundraising ideas are full of fun information and products that promote conservation and recycling efforts within communities. They offer families, schools, and other organizations a simple, enjoyable, and profitable way to contribute to important causes while instilling sustainable living habits.

Awareness campaigns are another form of green fundraising that address topics of local, national, even global concern. An awareness campaign or event can serve several simultaneous purposes which is why they are a great fundraising idea. An organization can set out on a campaign to raise awareness about a concern or movement by using traditional fundraising ideas, like reusable bags or stainless steel water bottles, to self-promote and encourage others to join in or contribute to the cause. Quite often an organization will produce a custom logo or message to print on a sustainable product and sell their goods to raise money for the cause and gain valuable attention as a committed supporter. Local causes are a very effective way to rally a community and gain exposure to your organization’s goals.

One great example is the Take Back the Tap Campaign for schools. This is a great cause, a great fundraising idea and a great way to raise awareness. Take Back the Tap is a program initiated by Food and Water Watch to help consumers and organizations better understand the importance of eliminating bottled water from our daily lives and why tap water is the healthier, safer, and the more environmentally sound choice. Green Benefits has used this initiative with local universities to help them reduce the use of plastic on their campuses while boosting school spirit with custom stainless steel water bottles and coffee mugs.

Another wonderful fundraising idea can be built on the Green Benefits Spice Fundraiser. Working with Community Spice Company we’ve created a fundraiser to encourage more time at the dinner table and in the family kitchen. Food and meal times have historically been the glue of family life and today’s fast-paced world has diminished this to some degree. We feel it is important to re-instill those values in our communities and what better way to do it than offer tantalizing, premium spices as an original, simple, and widely-loved fundraiser? Let’s bring the family and communities together through inspiring foods and creative kitchens!

There are many other fundraising ideas and awareness campaigns to explore and ultimately make your own. The Green Benefits team is always ready to help you build and create an event and the New Year is the best time to start planning for how you will contribute to your community, health, and our planet.



Green Building a bright spot!

by John Hamlin 20. November 2008 06:00

The Boston Business Journal reported today on a study by McGraw-Hill Construction that found the value of Green Construction starts was up five-fold from 2005 to 2008.  The most positive aspect of the report was the forecast that Green Building practices are expected to triple by 2013.  The full report is available for sale at McGraw Hill Construction web site for sale. 

I have not paid the $150 to purchase the report, however I do find the trends and outlook for conservation and Green Building to be positive.  My bet is that consumers are recognizing the direct savings in building well and in an environmentally friendly fashion.  We at Green Benefits are here to encourage the awareness and growth in all aspects of living in a sustainable manner.  If you know of other reports that we should be referencing, both positive and negative, please post your comment below with a link to the information.

by:  John Hamlin

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Eco-Raiser Update

by John Hamlin 19. August 2008 15:55
Your school is invited join. So far over 30 schools have agreed to participate and send a positive message home. Get your school involved quickly as we only have room for 70. The first 30 slots were filled in one week! We are looking forward to working with you go shift the thinking of the value and impact of eco-raising. Join the fight against plastic waste. Send a positive message home all while raising funds for your school projects! A true win . . . win . . . win!

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No Waste Lunch Day

by John Hamlin 9. July 2008 10:56

Solid waste is a major issue in our country.  According to the EPA, Americans generated 251 million pounds of solid waste in 2006.  It has been estimated that disposable lunches generate as much as 67 pounds of waste per child per school year – that is 18,760 pounds of waste for one average size elementary school.

What can we do in our school’s to reduce the amount of solid waste generated?  Let’s introduce the “No Waste Lunch Day.”  There are many versions of this program, but they all share a common goal – teach our children and families how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost. 

Make this a school wide program.  It could be a one day event or better yet make it a monthly or even weekly occurrence.  Over time, you will begin to change the patterns and habits of families.  Another great resource!

A typical No Waste Lunch contains no throwaway packaging and produces no food waste. 

  • The lunch is packed in a reusable lunch box. 

  • Pack a cloth napkin instead of disposable napkin and wash at home.

  • The food is put in reusable containers rather than wrapping in disposable packaging. 

  • Use an icepack in your lunch so that food stays fresh until it is eaten.

  • A drink is in a refillable bottle. 

  • Compost partially eaten foods that will not be eaten later in your compost bin at home.

The “No Waste Lunch” is an example of going green being cheaper than the alternative.  You will not need to buy napkins, baggies, and juice boxes.  Multiply that by the number of kids you send to school and the number of days they attend.  Now you can save money, teach our children a valuable lesson and reduce the impact on the environment.

On a personal note, my daughter loves her “No Waste Lunch.”  She uses her Wrap-N-Matt reusable sandwich bag as a cool sandwich wrap system and placemat.  Her Klean Kanteen water bottle keeps her water cool without a bad after taste and the reusable icepack keeps her lunch fresher..which means less waste at home to compost.  (Vermiculture or worm composting will be a future blog love it.)

Written by Derek VanDyke – Green Benefits

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