Fast T-Shirt Folding Demonstration

by jchamlin 5. February 2014 13:27

If you ever wnated to learn how to fold a shirt fast and have a very neat appearance, this is the trick!  Although not in english, it is very simple and easy to understand the demonstration.  Take 2 minutes, grab a t-shirt.  Watch this video a couple of times, and give it a try.  You will be folding like a pro in under 5 minutes.



Green Benefits–blocalnetwork featured in local paper

by jchamlin 7. September 2011 09:32

Green-Benefits-blocal-Featured-Sept-2011After many months of efforts, we are proud to report that an article about blocal fundraising is featured in the Jacksonville Oregon local paper.  The article was mostly written by Hillary Brown, Green Benefits excellent summer intern currently back at USC.  The press arrangements were made by our blocal champion in Southern Oregon, Christin Sherbourne of Jacksonville Oregon. 

The article covers the Green Benefits - fundraising program with Jacksonville Elementary PTO, where Christin has secured more than 6 participating local business to offer coupons to the community through blocal.  

The-Jacksonville-Review-Sept-2011-article-gscaleThe article appears in an edition dedicated to the importance of shopping local and local commerce in general.  We are encouraged hope to see more articles about the importance of local shopping and giving back to the local community.  This article is a perfect example of our commitment to making great things happen in local communities around the country.  And most importantly we are going to be making a positive impact in the fundraising being done in Jacksonville and many more communities as we continue to grow.

To view the whole article – click on the photo of the articles.

Be sure to visit  to see some of the great deals lined up for Jacksonville. 

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Eco-Apparel Terminology

by jchamlin 14. March 2011 11:36

Green Benefits has been in the business of offering green and  eco-apparel options since 2007.  Over the years we have found there is a lot to know about sustainability and the details can lead to a great deal of confusion.  Many people who oppose using eco-appareloften believe that eco-apparel is 1)  expensive and 2)  lesser quality.  Neither are generally true and often eco-apparel feels better than traditionally manufactured virgin materials .  Eco-apparel makes good sense and is economically affordable as well.

As a refresher, here is a short list of eco-friendly textiles entering the eco-apparel marketplace, you’ll find it helpful to brush up on some “green” options:

  • Organic fabricsuse no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides during the growing cycle.  This is one of the easiest places to start with a marginally higher cost, the imprint options on organic eco-apparel are often softer and more comfortable than traditional cotton material. 
  • Soy silk uses liquefied proteins (a by-product of making tofu) forced into fibers which are then spun.
  • Ingeo corn fiber is created by extracting starch and then sugars from corn, and processing them into a form which can be spun into a yarn or woven into fabric.
  • Fortrel EcoSpun polyester is made out of recycled plastic bottles and is frequently used for fleece.
  • Biodegradable fabric has the ability to naturally break down and return to raw material or to be absorbed by the earth. The Federal Trade Commission guidelines say only products that contain materials which “break down and decompose into elements found in nature within a reasonably short amount of time when they are exposed to air, moisture and bacteria or other organisms” should be labeled biodegradable.
  • Natural bleaching means that hydrogen peroxide was used to whiten fibers, rather than a chemical such as chlorine.
  • Bamboo fabric is made from the cellulose fibers of the plant. It’s naturally antibacterial and 100% biodegradable and sustainable.

Green Benefits offers many of these eco-apparel options and is happy to source anything that you don’t find on our web site.  We specialize in sourcing eco-apparel and other eco-friendly products.  Please review our eco apparel where you will find:  custom print eco-apparel organic t-shirts, Recycled Polyester Polo’s and much more.

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Cotton Prices Hit Record High

by jchamlin 10. March 2011 11:44
gb-raw-cottonIf you are considering any custom printed apparel now is the time to buy before the new high prices work through the system.  As a proactive company we want to help our customers get great value from our products and services.  Global pressure on cotton futures will effect us all over time.  Below is a small excerpt on the status of cotton prices.  Again, if you are considering organic t-shirts, custom printed recycled t-shirts or other t-shirt or organic apparel items buy soon, before prices increase to the end user.  The pricing below is on traditional cotton, however we have found that organic cotton which is generally more expensive is directly influenced as well.  We have seen price increases from our wholesale suppliers, on organic t-shirts, organic sweatshirts and other organic cotton products. 


Amid concerns that global supplies may not satisfy rising demand – particularly in China – the price of cotton soared again this week, hitting an all-time high. At the close of a seven-day rally on Monday, cotton futures reached $2.197 per pound, which is more than double the cost of the commodity compared to this time last year. Prices finally stabilized mid-week following a report from the International Cotton Advisory Committee that global cotton output will rise 11% this year to a record 27.6 million metric tons. The increase in output is becoming more necessary, as China alone imported 390,720 metric tons of cotton in January, a 31% rise. China's Ministry of Commerce said the country will continue to actively expand its imports of cotton in 2011.

The U.S. is taking a lead in cotton production, recently exporting 403,341 bales in one week to countries including China, Turkey and Bangladesh. U.S. export sales of cotton rose 56% in late February, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Since last year, the rapid rise of cotton has steadily increased the cost of items like T-shirts, polos and jeans.


With the above information in mind, the sooner you buy the less likely these high prices will directly effect your organic t-shirt or organic sweatshirt purchases.   What are your thoughts on the rapid increase in some commodity items like cotton?


Green Benefits 2011 Fundraising Guide Overview Now Available

by jchamlin 7. February 2011 16:43

After a great 2010 we have updated our fundraising guide for 2011.  Be sure you are ready for World Water Day and Earth Day this year.  Connect with us early, and download your FREE fundraising guide at