How to Order Promotional Water Bottles

by Derek VanDyke 12. July 2013 09:42

Promotional water bottles are a great way to showcase your brand or image. Since 2007, Green Benefits  has been a leader in supplying promotional water bottles to schools, teams, companies, nonprofits and more. Whether you are hosting an event or looking for a great promotional give-way, custom water bottles make a lasting statement that will promote your brand or event for years to come.

When choosing your promotional water bottles it is important to consider your goals and objectives to maximize your return on investment. If chosen carefully, your choice of promotional water bottles will effectively showcase your brand or image for several years. 

Tips for Ordering your Promotional Water Bottles

Price vs. Value - When ordering promotional products it is important to consider the overall value of your purchase. Often our clients are looking for the lowest cost custom water bottles to maximize their purchasing power. Before you make your purchase carefully consider your goals. Sometimes spending a little bit more will greatly increase the overall value of your campaign. For example, a higher quality and/or unique water bottle will be used for years as a personal hydration tool which results in more brand exposure to the end user and everyone around them. 

Graphic Design & Imprint Area - Great design will make your promotional water bottles standout! Consider multiple imprint colors or full wrap imprint options for your promotional water bottles. Many custom water bottles do not offer the ability for a full wrap design option. Start with your design and messaging then choose a bottle which will best promote your brand. The team at Green Benefits specializes in providing multiple bottle options to help you achieve your budget and promotional goals.

Bottle Material & Functionality - The good news is that you have more choices in custom water bottles than ever before. The bad news is that it is often difficult to determine what bottle is best for your campaign. Many groups prefer the feel and quality of stainless steel water bottles, while other like the lightweight and unique design features found in high quality BPA Free plastic water bottles. Both options offer great choices for your promotional water bottle needs. You should also consider name brand bottles like Nalgene and Camelbak which can often add value to your water bottle purchase. 

Made in the USA - Today there are many great bottles made in the USA. Your selection will be limited to mostly BPA Free Plastic bottle. The modern plastic bottle is now considered safe and is back in favor with consumers.

Consider Promotional Water Bottles for Your Next Campaign!

A high quality custom water bottle can benefit your promotional campaign. Besides being a sustainable promotional give-away, promotional water bottles offer the ability to showcase your brand daily in multiple locations. A well designed and functional water bottle will promote your brand to a wide audience providing an outstanding return on investment. The team at Green Benefits and our friends at Back2Tap offer a wide range of custom promotional water bottles and have the experience to help you choose the best product for your campaign or function.

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Great Fundraising Ideas - Part One

by Derek VanDyke 8. July 2013 09:38

The school year is quickly approaching and groups across the country are preparing for their Fall Fundraising Programs. The team at Green Benefits is constantly on the look out for new and sustainable fundraising programs that work. Each week our team will highlight a great fundraising program that will sure to be a hit with your school or group.

Tree Smart Pencil Fundraiser

A few weeks ago we wrote about the Tree Smart brand. This is a great Oregon company that produces pencils and other school supplies from domestic recycled products. We are excited to announce that Green Benefits will be a distributor for the Tree Smart Pencil Fundraising program. This is truly a unique fundraising program that not only will raise money for your school or group, but actively engage your members in the process of recycling.

Here is how it works:

1. Your group will collect enough newspapers to fill one large flat rate priority mail box.

2. Fill the box with clean flat newspapers.

3. Large priority mail flat rate boxes are free online or at the post office. We will email you the pre-paid shipping lable after your order is received. Just print the label and place on top of the box.

4. Your collected newspapers will go to Tree Smarts Oregon facility and turned into recycled newspapers.

5. Each Tree Smart newspaper pencil is printed with your school or organization's logo and text.

6. Your Tree Smart Newspaper pencils are packaged in a 4 pack pencil set with a custom label. Your school or organization's name is printed on the insert label.

7. Each packet of pencils are sold with your school earning funds for each packet sold.

Potential Profit:

In the end your school determines the final sale price. The suggest retail price per 4 pack of custom recycled newsprint pencils is between $2.25 and $3.00 per packet with your cost being $1.25 per package.

Depending the size of your group, your profit could be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. The Tree Smart Pencil fundraising is perfect for the club looking to raise awareness while raising funds for their group or even an all school fundraiser. Contact our team to learn more about the Tree Smart Pencil fundraising program and we will be more than happy to send you samples of this great product.

Next week we will highlight water bottle fundraising programs brought to you by our friends at Back2Tap.


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Reusable Grocery Bags Made in the USA

by Derek VanDyke 30. June 2013 16:40

Everyone is aware of the benefits of using reusable grocery bags! The worldwide consumption of disposable plastic is increasing at an alarming rate and the impact of this habit will impact the overall health of our planet for generations. The next step in the reusable bag movement is to consider high quality bags made in the USA. There are many great options available. Do your part and join the reusable bag movement today, but consider bags made in the USA.

The team at Green Benefits offers a great selection of reusable bags and we offer many options manufactured in the USA. Reusable bags produced domestically make a great promotional give-away and show your commitment to sustainability.

Check out four of our most popular bags made in the USA!


  Made in the USA 100% Organic Milieu Tote (812)

Constructed in America using 9.2 oz certified organic cotton canvas and includes 18" durable self material handles. This organic bag includes a large 12" x 10" imprint with the option of including a full bleed imprint. You will love the quality of this organic tote bag.

Learn More
  Made in the USA Bio Jute Tote (870)

Bio Jute is an all natural material produced in the USA. This durable product will biodegrade in 48 days and has been used for centuries for its durable finish. The Bio Jute Tote comes in 7 great colors and includes a large 12" x 8" custom imprint area.

Learn More
  Made in the USA Recycled PET Vibrant Tote (1166)

You will love this full color recycled tote. The Vibrant Tote is manufactured in the USA from 51% recycled polyester. This material is soft and durable and will hold your full color image for years. This tote includes long 21" handles and allows you to imprint from the entire surface of the bag.

Learn More
  Made the USA Billboard Utility Tote (E1302)

This is truly an amazing tote. Constructed from 100% recycled banners and billboards and 100% recycled PETE webbing. You will not find a more sustainable tote in the marketplace.  Even better, we allow you to send in your used billboard material to upcycle the content for a fully custom tote that you will be proud to give-away.

Learn More

Learn more about our great selection of reusable bags. At Green Benefits we take great pride in offering the most innovative products and affordable prices. Contact us today for a free quote or request a sample.  Working together we can make a difference!

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Ego vs Eco - Different Ways to View the World

by Derek VanDyke 10. April 2013 01:06

Humans have worked hard to be on top of the food chain. It is time to co-exist with nature. Take this graphic to heart and think about how our actions impact the local and global ecosystem. 


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B.Y.O. Chopsticks

by Derek VanDyke 5. April 2013 10:52

The other day I came across an article in EarthShare about the growing B.Y.O. Sticks movement in Asia. At first I did not think much of this article until you begin to realize the impact of disposable chopsticks. The Chinease government estimates that China cuts down nearly 25 million trees per year to support the disposable chopstick habit. This number seems far fetched like many green facts until you hear that China consumes on average 45 billion chopsticks per year. Most of these chopsticks end up in landfills.

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The Secret Life of Garbage

by Derek VanDyke 31. March 2013 20:19

It is time for the world to take notice of our consumption and the amount of gargage we produce as consumers. Though recycling is often taught as the solution to our waste management stream, the focus really needs to be placed on Reduction and Reusing. A fourth new term has also being used - Refuse. 

Thank you for checking out the info graphic below provided by Make the effort to Reduce the amount of garbage you create. Each little step made by individual consumers will have a significant impact. Do you part and together we can make a difference.


Life of Garbage


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Custom Nalgene Bottles

by Derek VanDyke 25. March 2013 16:21

Nalgene appears to be making a come back in the water bottle world. Nalgene as a company started in the 1940's as a supplier of plastics used in the medical industry. In the early 1970's, Nalgene Outdoors was created and they became famous for their resusable water bottles.  The most famous by far was their 1 liter wide mouth bottle loved and used by hikers worldwide.

In 2007 it became clear that Bisphenol A (BPA) posed a human health threat and the Nalgene brand along with plastic water bottles in general fell out of favor to stainless steel water bottles.  Soon after Nalgene replaced their plastics used, but the fear of BPA led to the rise in popularity of stainless steel bottles and such popular brands as Klean Kanteen

Now move forward to 2013. Nalgene appears to making a strong come back and Custom Nalgene Bottles are more popular than ever.  Custom Nalgene Bottles have many advantages over stainless steel bottles. 

  • Nalgene products are manufactured in the United States unlike most stainless steel bottles. For many consumers, buying U.S. manufactured products is an important consideration when purchasing custom drinkware.
  • Nalgene products come in a wide range of styles and colors. Currently Nalgene has over a dozen styles of bottles with numerous lid options.
  • Nalgene products are lightweight and more durable. Unlike stainless steel which is heavy and easily dents or scratches.
  • Nalgene products are translucent. People like to see what they are drinking.

Consumers now have more options than ever before when purchasing custom water bottles and now the choice is about usability instead of safety concerns. At Green Benefits we have been a leading supplier of custom water bottles since 2007. Our focus has been to provide safe alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles.

We are proud to offer the complete selection of Custom Nalgene Bottles for your group. Call us today to learn more or to order your Custom Nalgene Bottles.

The Most Popular Custom Nalgene Bottles



16 oz. Custom Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle

The 16 oz. Custom Nalgene Bottle is a smaller version of the classic 1 Liter bottle Nalgene became famous for. Made in the U.S.A. and comes in a wide range of colors.

As Low As: $7.00


24 oz. Custom Nalgene OTG Bottle

The Nalgene OTG (also known as the On The Go Bottle) offers an innovative design making hydration fun and easy. By far our best selling Custom Nalgene Bottle and popular with groups and schools across the nation.

As Low As: $7.50


32 oz. Custom Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle

This is the bottle that made Nalgene a household name. The very popular wide mouth 1 liter bottle is ideal for the gym or trail.

As Low As: $8.75 

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