Green Benefits mentioned in Co-Op America Write-up

by John Hamlin 10. November 2008 08:59

Green Benefits has recently been mentioned in a Co-Op America Article on, "Greening School Fundraising."

This is a great guide and overview for anyone considering making your fund raising activities more 'green.'  When we were interviewed for the article we were currently only offering reusable bag' fund raising programs, however in the last two months we have expanded our offering to include Fair Trade Organic Chocolate, and Coffee's.  We have added water bottles a few months ago and recently added 100% recycled t-shirts for custom prints.  Here is a little extract from the article. is an online company that offers a different themed fundraising program for schools each year. This year’s theme is “reducing plastic,” so the company is providing reusable nylon bags for schools to sell for cash. The bags are sweatshop-free and can be compacted to fit in a pocket or purse. Green Benefits will provide your school with a special URL or even design a Web site for you to sell the bags online. . . .

A Final Word
Next time your school or organization suggests selling toxin-laden cleaners or conventional candy that may be tied to worker exploitation, feel free to hand out copies of this article and lobby for sustainable alternatives. With a green fundraiser, you can help spread the word about high-quality green products and support the green economy, while raising money for schools or causes that are close to your heart.

For the full version of this article visit here.  If you are interested in 'greening your fund raising'  reach out to Green Benefits and we will be happy to chat about your alternatives.

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