Optimum Green Fundraising Program

by John Hamlin 24. November 2008 19:57

At Green Benefits we have created the Optimum Green Fundraising Program.  This is simply the best way to meet your fundraising goals from promoting green goods.  Green Benefits will set up a group specific web page in our ecommerce system to promote your products, accept online donations and facilitate year around product sales.  The Optimum Green Fundraising Program includes the following:

  1. Web site promotion and sales - no pre-purchase of products required.  The option includes products that Green Benefits carries and promotes.  This can be run year around for an ongoing fundraiser for your group.  This program is best combined with the direct giving option which allows your group to collect online donations.
  2. Custom product sales - pre-order or purchase goods up front.  This option includes custom branded products such as water bottles, reusable shopping bags and green/recycled clothing.  This program is best combined with standard web products offered by Green Benefits.
  3. Traditional catalog style fundraiser - Green Benefits will create a one page order form for your organization to collect orders over a defined period.  Once complete, simply contact Green Benefits with your fundraising totals and they will deliver the products to your organization for distribution.

Of course it is up to your organization to choose the campaign that will work best for your organization.  Call Green Benefits and let them help you develop a customized fundraiser for your group.

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