Green Benefits News Letter November 2008 - Vol. 1, Issue 5

by John Hamlin 18. December 2008 12:21

Enhance Your School with Green Benefits    November, 2008 - Vol 1, Issue 5


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Green School Fundraiser

Eat Local for Thanksgiving

Theo Chocolate

Pangaea Organica

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Theo Chocolate

Pangaea Organica Coffee

Puget Sound Fresh Food

The election is over and now it is time to begin preparing for the holiday season.  Be sure to check out the Eat Local for Thanksgiving Campaign.  

Also, enjoy Theo Chocolate and Pangaea Coffee this holiday season.  Both made locally!  Make this your greenest Thanksgiving and enjoy locally grown fresh food this season.  Green Benefits

The team at Green Benefits is also excited to offer you 10% off on our Holiday Specials which will make great holiday gifts that you can feel good about giving.  An additional 10% will be donated to local charities.  Use the coupon code holiday2009 and save today!

Green School Fundraiser's

Check out Co-op America's recent article titled "

Greening School Fundraiser's."  School's across the country are beginning to question traditional fundraiser's.  With a green fundraiser, you can help spread the word about high-quality green products and support the green economy, while raising money for schools or causes that are close to your heart.

Eat Local for Thanksgiving Campaign

Puget Sound Fresh FoodHere's one small thing you can do to reduce your "carbon footprint" this month: Buy locally grown food for Thanksgiving dinner.
The Eat Local for Thanksgiving Campaign was created to shine a public spotlight on the connections that buying local has on the environment, use of fossil fuels and energy, supporting our local community, and helping to keep our local farmers farming. Thanksgiving, with its rich cultural meaning and food traditions, is a perfect time to add another dimension to how we think about food when we are already making thoughtful food purchases

Take the pledge today to use at least on locally grown food on your table and you will have the chance to win one of 5 heritage turkeys from the Puget Sound Region, one year of Organic Valley dairy or other fun prizes. 

Make a difference this Thanksgiving and eat local! 

Theo Chocolate

Theo ChocolateGreen Benefits is proud to represent Theo Chocolate, the only Organic and Fair Trade Bean to Bar Chocolate factory in the United States, and offer their one of kind products as a school fundraiser.

Theo Chocolate is changing the definition of quality by uniting creative excellence that results in deliciously award winning chocolate, and an unwavering commitment to changing the way the cocoa industry conducts business.  At Theo, they believe there is no luxury in products that benefit us today, while jeopardizing future generations ability to meet their needs.  When you taste Theo Chocolate you will experience an unmatched passion and integrity in very luscious bite.

Go and take a visit and tour their factory and sample their award winning chocolate.  The 3400 Phinney Chocolate Factory offers public tours 7 days a week.  Public tours are held Monday through Thursday at 2pm and 4pm and Friday through Sunday at 10am, 12, 2, and 4pm.  Tours are $6 per person, ages 1 and older.  This is a tour that you will not soon forget!

Pangaea Organica

Pangaea Coffee

Green Benefits is excited to announce Pangaea Organica Coffees to their line of quality and locally produced fundraising products

Pangaea sources their green beans from the best Organic, Fair Trade coffees grown around the world.  Then to ensure a roast profile that suits each coffee's character, they spend time with each lot of coffee determining the degree of roast.  Under roast and the resulting cup will taste sharp and sour.  Over roast and coffees of different origins lose their individual characters and become dull and burnt.

Pangaea coffees are roasted on a bed of hot air.  It is a roasting method that produces a bright, rich cup of coffee.  As with wine, there are distinct varietal's of coffee, each with its own unique personality.  Roasting by convection, using air, brings out the citrus flavors of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the earthy complexities of Sumatra.  Brew the coffee strong and dark and it will not be bitter, bur rather sweet and natural.

Pangaea is a triple bottom line company - people, planet, profit.  They are committed to their customers, their suppliers, the environment and each other.  Rick at Pangaea is building a place to be proud of, a place built to human scale, a place built to make a difference.

Pangaea coffee is a favorite of Green Benefits.  Try it and we are sure it will become one of your favorites as well.

Green Benefits is committed to helping your organization.  Our mission is to help children, families and the community live healthier and greener lives.

Please feel free to distribute our information to any group or individual that could benefit from our services or products.  We look forward to helping you live a greener life.


Derek VanDyke & John Hamlin

Green Benefits, LLC | 677 120th Ave NE #2A | PMB 173 | Bellevue | WA | 98005

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