Green Benefits News Letter October 2008 - Vol. 1, Issue 4

by John Hamlin 18. December 2008 12:27

Enhance Your School with Green Benefits    October, 2008 - Vol 1, Issue 4

Green BenefitsGreetings!  Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner.  Please be sure to check out Treeswing and their ideas for a Green Halloween

The team at Green Benefits is excited and committed to helping your organization.  Each and every school is in a unique position to positively impact their children, families and community. 

Join today and help us save our environment.

Coffee of the Month Club

We are excited to announce our partnership with

Pangea coffee.  All Pangea coffee is Organic, Fair Trade Certified and roasted locally.  Without a doubt, Rick at Pangea roasts some of the finest coffee in the Northwest. 

Join the club and your coffee will be delivered monthly to your school for pickup.  This is a triple bottom line fundraiser that you can feel good about supporting.  It tastes great as too!

Email today to learn how to join the coffee of the month club.


NW Green Youth Summit Community Outreach Program

Co-op AmericaJoin in the effort to improve our local community.  The theme of this event is to reduce our over use of disposable plastics.  Help us educate and spread the word about the impact of plastic on the environment and become part of the solution.

No outreach program is too small.  Impact your classroom, your school or your neighborhood.  Together we can make a difference!  Your group will be given the tools and guidance to implement community change.

Participating groups will earn free admission for their school or organization to Green Festival 2009 as well as guarantee participation in the NW Green Youth Summit.  Space for this exciting event is limited and will fill up quickly.  

The NW Green Youth Summit will be day of celebration and education.  All participating groups will showcase their projects and be honored at Green Festival.  This event will bring together students, educators and families for training, motivation and networking.   The mission of this event is to foster activism and build a coalition of youth and educators who will continue to work together in the fight against climate change.  

For more information about the NW Green Youth Summit and Green Festival email

Green Halloween 2008

Green OctoberJoin us this month for Green October and participate in the many activities planned.  Now more than ever the choices we make matter.  Vote with your dollars, vote with your fork, and by all means vote?

Also, check out Treeswing and their guide to a Green Halloween.  It is time to think outside of the candy box.  Whether your family has been green for years or whether you're green at being green, you will find ideas about celebrating a healthy and Earth-friendly Halloween.

For more information about Green Halloween email

Facts About Clothing

Plastic Loop

Most people do not think about the clothing we wear and its impact on the environment.   Until about fifty years ago, cotton growing mainly involved  sustainable techniques.  Today, the pesticides used on 'conventional' cotton increasingly threatens people, wildlife and the environment.

Conventional cotton is one of the most pesticide laden crops in the world; accounting for only 3% of the cultivated land BUT accounting for 25% of the annual pesticides used and 10% of the annual herbicides used.  Organic cotton production is all natural and used NO chemicals in the cultivation of the crop or the conversation of the crop into clothing.  Many shirts today also utilize recycled plastic combined with organic cotton. 

When you purchase Organic/Recycled clothing you help eliminate chemicals from the environment and save natural resources and help preserve and restore a healthy, clean planet for everyone.

Did you know that it takes 1/3 pound of chemicals to produce one tractional cotton T-shirt.  Consider buying Organic/Recycled clothing today.

To purchase Organic or Recycled clothing for your group email .  Make this your greenest year!

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Green Halloween

Facts About Clothing

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Green Halloween

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Green Benefits is committed to helping your organization.  Our mission is to help children, families and the community live healthier and greener lives.

Please feel free to distribute our information to any group or individual that could benefit from our services or products.  We look forward to helping you live a greener life.


Derek VanDyke & John Hamlin

Green Benefits Team


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