Gaining the Perks of Going Green

by John Hamlin 8. June 2009 05:42

With all of the hype surrounding the environment and reducing emissions from vehicles, factories and manufacturing facilities corporations and individuals alike have jumped onto the green bandwagon. Corporate office buildings are being redesigned and recreated to work harmoniously with the environment. Energy efficient lighting elements and heating and cooling systems that rely on the internal energy of a building or solar sources to power air conditioners and lighting are being reengineered into existing buildings and new edifices are being architecturally engineered to accommodate nature lighting and energy sources that are beneficial to the environment.

Automakers are also involved in reducing vehicle emissions through the introduction and growing interest in hybrid technologies that support low emission gasoline engines combined with electric power plants to increase fuel economy while emitting few pollutants into the atmosphere. Almost every major car manufacturer has joined the hybrid market with a cross system gasoline and electric engine, but the green movement does no stop there. Company sponsored car pools are giving incentives to employees that share rides to work, producing fewer emissions and alleviating congestion, both on the roads and in the parking structures.

Recycling plants and waste management companies have teamed up to provide homeowners with alternatives to piling almost half of the refuse disposed of by households into landfills. Recycled products made from plastic bottles, glass and paper are gaining in popularity as the trend toward recycling continues to expand. Even beyond recycling waste products made of plastic, consumers are mow turning to renewable and reusable products like stainless steel water bottles that can be refilled with clean, clear water or taking natural fiber woven shopping bags to the grocery store instead of loading up on plastic bags that are not biodegradable.

Organic products that are biodegradable are appearing in more grocery stores. Organic products do not rely on chemical treatments for growth of stimulus. Not only are the healthier for consumers, because they are growth without the use of sprayed chemicals they are also better for the environment.

With more and more people contributing to the environment in a positive manner corporations are stepping forward to offer employees incentives and rewards for helping to protect and renew the environment. Companies realizing the need for environmental change to take place are turning to green incentive companies to help inspire and motivate the natural inclination to reduce waste and use replenishable resources. There is still much more that can be done to cut done on harmful emissions and reduce wasted resources, but thanks to the green movement many Americans are helping to heal the plant.


Green Benefits ( provides environmentally sound products, such stainless steel water bottles, as incentives and perks for individuals, businesses, and organizations that support going green initiatives for the environmental. Art Gib is a freelance writer.


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