Green-olutions For 2010

by John Hamlin 8. January 2010 09:38

It’s that time again where you have pledged to make some positive life changes in the upcoming New Year, from shedding some extra pounds and being healthy to spending less and saving money. Why not take the opportunity to add ‘Helping the Planet’ to your list of resolutions? Plus, did you know that ‘going green’ can help you achieve both those goals while doing your part for the Earth?

The buzz about our environment is getting louder and now is the time to realign your goals in accordance with a more sustainable future. If you’ve always found it a daunting task and haven’t been sure where to start, why don’t you take a moment to check out some pretty painless suggestions below:


  • Can’t live without your daily caffeine fix? Well, you could save trees and money by making it a habit to bring your own coffee mug along
  • Recycle your garbage – baby steps first, but once you get in the habit perhaps you’ll want to try composting your food waste too!
  • Take Back the Tap! Don’t buy disposable water bottles – not only are we incredibly lucky to have access to pure and great tasting tap water, but plastic is also the number one contributor to landfills. California alone throws away 3 billion water bottles a day – if you’re like me that is incentive enough! And, you’ll save money – why pay for a free commodity? Spending money on bottled water adds up fast! Read more to find out why you should bring the tap back and invest your money in a sustainably-made and reusable stainless steel water bottle instead.
  • Bring your own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store – keep it in your car or purse so that you always have it on you. We offer some great ones that roll up into a small and virtually weightless ball. Check them out here.
  • Buy Post-consumer Waste (PCW) Recycled paper instead of supporting Paper Companies that cut down virgin forests.  Did you know that only about 1% of paper in the US comes from Post-consumer Waste?  By increasing demand for this market we can raise incentive for Companies to supply recycled paper at a competitive price. Check out Gray’s Harbor Paper Company to see how they run a completely carbon-neutral manufacturing process where they produce superior 100% recycled paper without cutting down any trees or burning any fossil fuels.
  • Eliminate disposable products such as plastic cups, forks, and paper pates. If you can’t avoid them, switch to compostable ones made from corn.
  • Try to purchase local produce and support your smaller farmers (perhaps by visiting your local Farmers Market once a week). Decide on a few products you think are worth buying organic, even for the fractionally higher cost.
  • If you enjoy seafood, look into eating fish that are more sustainably harvested.  Click here for a guide and make informed decisions.
  • Conserve water by cutting down on shower time, and save paper by eliminating the junk mail you receive or view your bills online.  You can get out of those annoying credit card and insurance offers by going to
  • Convert your light bulbs to more energy efficient CFC ones and you will actually save money on your bill each month!  They’re definitely worth the slightly higher upfront cost for the return savings in energy and money.
  • Most importantly, get educated and know the facts!  Being informed means being a wise consumer
  • and demanding products that help rather than hurt the future ability of this planet to sustain us. 

*Remember, there are different shades of Green and we aren’t asking that you start hugging trees, but you can feel good about trying your best and doing your part. It really does add up in the big picture!! So, pick a few (or as many) of these helpful tips that you can incorporate into your daily living. Once they become habit, you’ll realize how painless it really is to make earth-conscious choices every day.


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