The FDA reverses their position on BPA

by John Hamlin 18. January 2010 13:05

The Food and Drug Administration has officially reversed its stand regarding BPA, the chemical found in plastic bottles and thousands of consumer goods.  This comes after their longstanding position maintaining that BPA is safe, backed by two major studies which were paid for by none other than the chemical industry itself. Further review of scientific evidence has (unsurprisingly) linked the chemical to a range of health problems and the FDA are now advising the public to take measurable steps to reduce their exposure.

However, despite the overwhelming evidence pointing to the dangers of BPA, regulators have not enforced regulations that ban the compound in manufacturing or require labeling of products containing BPA – apparently due to insufficient data to support a legal crackdown. 

Scary Statistic:  BPA is so prevalent that in fact over 90% of the US population has traces of it in their urine due to the leaching of BPA from containers into food and beverages.

While this a good first step that the FDA is finally recognizing the legitimate concern about BPA use, it may take some time before regulations are imposed to prevent its use and protect public health.  This adds another reason why it pays to be a wise and informed consumer and to opt for alternative products to plastic or ensure that your plastic is BPA-free.  Check out our Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottles.



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