Mission: Sustainable

by John Hamlin 20. January 2010 11:10

Mission Sustainable is part of a Project to inform and educate individuals about environmental issues and the importance of making more sustainable life choices. Via the social medium of a TV show, you as viewers can prepare to witness the transformation of ordinary citizens as they grasp their impact on the planet. Each show features a new individual nominated by friends and family for a “sustainability makeover”. Their green expert consultants will then perform this customized makeover to fit the individual’s needs, desires, and lifestyle. The green experts at Mission Sustainable support the changes they propose with hard facts, measurable cost savings, and documented improvements to mind and body; these benefits will be verified by credible scientists, doctors, and financial experts.

This really caught our attention here at Green Benefits as a cool and unique way to create social awareness of the impact each of us has on our environment, and how we can make positive life changes to promote more sustainable living. We think that a TV show documenting the lives of individuals who are trying to become more environmentally aware is a great way to motivate others to think about their own carbon footprint and reevaluate their consumption habits, too. It is especially nice to watch a team of ‘green experts’ who take the guesswork out of the decision-making process for you and help guide you how to live your life more sustainably. We could all use some habit changes – from the way we consume and use our precious natural resources when we shower, drive, use electricity, and more. There are small changes that really do make a difference and this show seems like a unique and interesting way to get that point across. We were in fact so delighted about what Mission: Sustainable is doing that we decided to support them, not only by attending their upcoming Pilot Premier on February 11th (and you should too), but also by donating some awesome custom organic and environmentally-friendly printed shirts for their staff to wear. We want to continue doing our part to help the planet, and want you to know that you can too – in many ways – one of which involves using Green Benefits to promote your business sustainably!


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