Anvil Organic T-shirts

by John Hamlin 8. February 2010 14:53

Custom Print Apparel on Organic and Sustainable Material

Are you looking for a way to limit your carbon footprint for your company, group, or organization without compromising your need to promote and market your ideas?  Well, why not create your custom-print T’s on organic t-shirts rather than mass produced materials which harm the planet through their production methods. 

We print on certified sustainable and organic materials like Anvil Organic, whose mission is to operate their business with continued commitment to respecting our planet and producing innovative and quality products.  Green Benefits makes sure to work with manufacturers who prioritize reducing their overall carbon footprint so that consumers like you can contribute collectively to making a bigger difference.  It’s all about being a wise consumer and purchasing products that support sustainable practices; and by doing so you can promote your company in a socially conscious light.

We particularly like that Anvil recently partnered with a climate change service provider to conduct a lifecycle assessment of all greenhouse gas emissions generated in the lifespan of their tees – from “cradle” to “grave”.  This data collection included all aspects from energy and water consumption, transportation, and landfill and water waste.  We’re always happy to work with companies who truly live up to their promises, especially when there is so much false green advertising to sift through these days.


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