Cayman Islands use Green Benefits’ bags to BECOME Green

by greenbenefits 28. June 2010 13:43

Last week as a part of their new BECOME campaign in the Cayman Islands, the Corporate Green Team Network gave away green reusable bags to promote sustainability in their delicate marine life ecosystem. The bags featured the slogan, BECOME eco-friendly, BECOME plastic free, BECOME a smart consumer, CAYMAN BECOME Green. These bags were made out of 50% recycled plastic and printed with a natural soy-based ink. Starting June 12, they were given away for free at Foster Food Fair, Kirk Supermarket and Hurley’s stores around the island.

The Corporate Green Team Network or CGTN, is comprised of businesses that are committed to creating a sustainable environment and teaching their communities what it means to become eco-friendly. In the Cayman Islands each year, 12 million plastic bags are disposed of, and these bags, unlike green reusable bags, can never fully compost. They break into small pieces and are ingested by the wildlife on the Islands and in the ocean. These toxins and plastic are harmful to the animals, the eco systems and the people who eat the fish that have been contaminated.

Buying one eco friendly reusable bag can remove the need for over 22,000 plastic bags; this is why Green Benefits provides and promotes green programs like reusable bag fundraisers. Other organizations such as The City of Sea-Tac in Washington State, Kellog School of Management in Illinois and Eaton House School in London, England have also decided to use more sustainable practices and make green reusable bags a part of their organization. Green reusable bags are lightweight, easy and convenient to use and washable; they come in all styles, sizes and colors and are customizable with any logo or design.

According to John Hamlin, Founder of Green Benefits, “our eco-friendly reusable bags are some of our most popular products, and people love that they can be used as a teaching opportunity on sustainability.”

Communities should take notice of the BECOME campaign and the eco-friendly reusable bags in the Cayman Islands, and follow their example. Direct communication to the community about sustainability, and the harmful effects of plastic waste, is the best way to incite change.

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