Green fundraising: the smart solution for schools of the 21st century

by greenbenefits 3. July 2010 13:52

From reusable water bottles to Free Trade organic chocolate, Green Benefits is providing schools around the country with green solutions for fundraising so that kids can help out their environment while helping themselves. Green fundraising, in addition to raising money for school programs, can be used as a learning tool for children. As opposed to selling just popcorn and magazines, green fundraising reduces the carbon footprint of the community as well as raising the needed funds for a school. At the same time, it teaches kids how green fundraising impacts their environment encourages them to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle in the future.

Schools like Ames elementary in Riverside Illinois love the Green Benefits programs because of the positive message to the kids. The parents enjoy it because they aren’t just buying junk for the sake of a fundraiser, but actually contributing to the sustainable movement. Other schools that have enjoyed these programs are the CHS cheer team in California, the BMS band in Indiana, the UHS travel club in Massachusetts and Garfield High School Vocal Music Club in Seattle.

Green Benefits is committed to making a positive difference in the community by helping to increase the environmental awareness through green fundraising. They believe the time has come to act in accordance with sustainably-minded goals and values, and contribute to a brighter future. Schools are in the unique position to give the gift of knowledge, and to empower their communities to act as better stewards of the environment. The team at green benefits is dedicated to helping schools use green fundraising for money as well as raising environmental awareness.

According to Derek VanDyke, founder of Green Benefits, “everything we do has the chance to educate. Marketers often forget the impact they can have, instead of just peddling their products.”

Green fundraising programs through Green Benefits include: a direct selling fundraiser, a catalog fundraiser, and online web fundraiser and the opportunity for non-traditional green fundraising. This company is unique to other green fundraising organizations in that they can create customized programs from pre-approved products. The most popular green fundraising products are reusable water bottles and bags, as well as Free Trade organic chocolate and customized eco-friendly T-shirts; there are custom and non-custom options for designs and logos for all green fundraising products.


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