Green Solutions for a Tight Budget

by greenbenefits 11. August 2010 16:16

With tighter budgets in schools, fundraising is the best way to keep popular programs. Schools around the United States are suffering from severe budget cuts, now is the time to think about where money is going to come from this fall. The best solution? Eco-friendly fundraising. Not only are green fundraising programs a good solution for needed funds, but they are a chance to promote sustainability in communities and educate children on the importance of taking care of the planet.

School budgets, wimagehich typically grow at a slightly higher rate than inflation are currently either growing much slower or staying level. In addition, the drop in states’ revenue from sales tax and recent job losses will affect next year’s budgets. In this economy, there are fewer and fewer options for school activities and programs that cost extra money.

With eco-friendly fundraising programs from Green Benefits, schools and organizations can raise the money they need to give students the same opportunities and privileges as before. Green Benefits offers many programs that will give the opportunity for community education and growth in a sustainable way.

Green fundraisers are a perfect way to start off the new school year, and there are several programs available that can fit any need. Teaching children how to increase sustainability in their community and the importance of the local environment will help them live a greener lifestyle in the future. Some options for green fundraising are selling reusable bags, water bottles, and organic chocolate.


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