Cotton Prices Hit Record High

by jchamlin 10. March 2011 11:44
gb-raw-cottonIf you are considering any custom printed apparel now is the time to buy before the new high prices work through the system.  As a proactive company we want to help our customers get great value from our products and services.  Global pressure on cotton futures will effect us all over time.  Below is a small excerpt on the status of cotton prices.  Again, if you are considering organic t-shirts, custom printed recycled t-shirts or other t-shirt or organic apparel items buy soon, before prices increase to the end user.  The pricing below is on traditional cotton, however we have found that organic cotton which is generally more expensive is directly influenced as well.  We have seen price increases from our wholesale suppliers, on organic t-shirts, organic sweatshirts and other organic cotton products. 


Amid concerns that global supplies may not satisfy rising demand – particularly in China – the price of cotton soared again this week, hitting an all-time high. At the close of a seven-day rally on Monday, cotton futures reached $2.197 per pound, which is more than double the cost of the commodity compared to this time last year. Prices finally stabilized mid-week following a report from the International Cotton Advisory Committee that global cotton output will rise 11% this year to a record 27.6 million metric tons. The increase in output is becoming more necessary, as China alone imported 390,720 metric tons of cotton in January, a 31% rise. China's Ministry of Commerce said the country will continue to actively expand its imports of cotton in 2011.

The U.S. is taking a lead in cotton production, recently exporting 403,341 bales in one week to countries including China, Turkey and Bangladesh. U.S. export sales of cotton rose 56% in late February, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Since last year, the rapid rise of cotton has steadily increased the cost of items like T-shirts, polos and jeans.


With the above information in mind, the sooner you buy the less likely these high prices will directly effect your organic t-shirt or organic sweatshirt purchases.   What are your thoughts on the rapid increase in some commodity items like cotton?


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