The Woodlands High School: Stainless Steel Bottles for Charity!

by Tylor J. 14. December 2011 14:57


Congratulations to the The Woodlands High School’s Science National Honor Society in Texas for a successful stainless steel water bottle fundraising campaign. Every year their Science National Honor Society raises money for two charities of their choice. This year they sold our stainless steel water bottles to raise awareness and charity funds for Smile Train and The Water Project.

Smile Train is a charitable organization dedicated to providing life-changing cleft palate surgery to children that would otherwise be unable to afford this crucial expense. Not to mention the various cultural and societal challenges that arises as a result of this crippling disfigurement.

The Water Project is a non-profit entity that works tirelessly to bring safe drinking water and sanitation to communities across the globe that do not have access to these basic human necessities. Even communities living near a water source are not necessarily guaranteed safe drinking water or sanitation methods. Water truly is our most sacred resource and is becoming highly endangered in many corners of the world.

Choosing a stainless steel water bottle to help raise funds for both of these amazing charitable organizations not only raises awareness on a global scale, but also calls to attention the need to conserve locally. Nurturing a local appreciation for water conservancy and diverting further plastic waste from our landfills is reason enough to consider using a reusable, stainless steel water bottle. 

This is why Green Benefits enjoys providing a wide array of fundraising platforms. There are many creative methods beyond stainless steel water bottle sales. For instance, a favorite of ours is the “Take Back the Tap” campaign. Any school can get in on this nationally recognized awareness campaign and they can do it in a manner that is relevant to their own community.

For that matter, there are plenty of options in products to help raise awareness in water conservation and waste reduction. The benefits are often two-fold when it comes to green fundraising. For instance, if one dollar was set aside from the sale of each bottle at a quantity of 250, that’s an easy $250 to give to any charity of choice on top of your projected profit margins. In fact, building this into your green fundraising event transparently may provide even greater selling points. Everyone loves ways to give easily and confidently.

At Green Benefits we give 1% of our total annual sales to This organization provides a very effective way for businesses to contribute to environmental conservation efforts globally while creating an alliance of global businesses and environmental initiatives. Therefore any company bearing the 1% logo within their business or online has earned credibility in its commitment to sustainable efforts.

This is true of any organization that commits a percentage of any fundraiser, stainless steel water bottles or otherwise, to a charitable social or environmental effort. The way to a brighter and greener future is in the hands of each individual, each business, each teacher and student.

Thanks to the compassion and combined efforts of organizations and clubs like The Woodlands High School’s Science National Honor Society, individual efforts really can make a difference. 


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