Great Fundraising Ideas - Part One

by Derek VanDyke 8. July 2013 09:38

The school year is quickly approaching and groups across the country are preparing for their Fall Fundraising Programs. The team at Green Benefits is constantly on the look out for new and sustainable fundraising programs that work. Each week our team will highlight a great fundraising program that will sure to be a hit with your school or group.

Tree Smart Pencil Fundraiser

A few weeks ago we wrote about the Tree Smart brand. This is a great Oregon company that produces pencils and other school supplies from domestic recycled products. We are excited to announce that Green Benefits will be a distributor for the Tree Smart Pencil Fundraising program. This is truly a unique fundraising program that not only will raise money for your school or group, but actively engage your members in the process of recycling.

Here is how it works:

1. Your group will collect enough newspapers to fill one large flat rate priority mail box.

2. Fill the box with clean flat newspapers.

3. Large priority mail flat rate boxes are free online or at the post office. We will email you the pre-paid shipping lable after your order is received. Just print the label and place on top of the box.

4. Your collected newspapers will go to Tree Smarts Oregon facility and turned into recycled newspapers.

5. Each Tree Smart newspaper pencil is printed with your school or organization's logo and text.

6. Your Tree Smart Newspaper pencils are packaged in a 4 pack pencil set with a custom label. Your school or organization's name is printed on the insert label.

7. Each packet of pencils are sold with your school earning funds for each packet sold.

Potential Profit:

In the end your school determines the final sale price. The suggest retail price per 4 pack of custom recycled newsprint pencils is between $2.25 and $3.00 per packet with your cost being $1.25 per package.

Depending the size of your group, your profit could be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. The Tree Smart Pencil fundraising is perfect for the club looking to raise awareness while raising funds for their group or even an all school fundraiser. Contact our team to learn more about the Tree Smart Pencil fundraising program and we will be more than happy to send you samples of this great product.

Next week we will highlight water bottle fundraising programs brought to you by our friends at Back2Tap.


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